My Portfolio

Web Development

Management System

HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, BOOTSTRAP have been combined to make this web-based management system. In addition, MYSQL has been used to collect the data.

Beat Down!

Beat Down! is a fighting game created in Javascript. Players will take turns to beat each other. It's fun and amazing!


Glozzom is a web-page template created with BOOTHSTRAP and has been modified with CSS to feature a sleek design

CMS for a Church

CMS system created with PHP, BOOTHSTRAP, MYSQL. Allows webmaster to administer webpage content throug an admin portal.

Python Game Programming

Alien Invasion

Alien Invasion is a shooting game created in Python. When the score goes up, the level of dificulty goes up as well. The game keeps a record of the top 5 scores.


Take down all the boxes to win. The boxes will have different colors indicating how many hits they have left.

Stick Man

It takes skill to go to the top! Climb up and don't fall to win.


Collect all the boxes to win. Collect is a game developed with the turtle library. It has been designed to be easy to introduce programming to children.